The Advantages of Using Ultrasound

X-Rays, CT Scans and MRI’s have been for the longest time the tests used to identify problems of the musculoskeletal system. Recent advances in sonar and ultrasound technologies have created a more functional and practical approach to evaluate joints, muscles, ligaments, and even nerves. This technology is called musculoskeletal ultrasound.

Clinical evidence and research support using ultrasound as the first diagnostic test for numerous musculoskeletal conditions. Diagnostic ultrasound offers a number of important advantages compared to X-Ray, CT, and MRI, in terms of safety and effectiveness. Musculoskeletal ultrasound simply uses sonic waves, and there is no exposure to radiation.

Musculoskeletal ultrasound is noninvasive and offers real-time imaging, allowing for examinations of structures at rest and in motion.

This ability to capture the movement of musculoskeletal components differentiates it from other imaging modalities and can permit more accurate diagnoses.

MSK Ultrasound is an easy, reliable and safe test!

Our team of trained professionals, always in the closest of cooperation and communication with the patient and the ordering physician, is here to provide you with a pleasant and comfortable experience, and to obtain the most valuable information needed by your doctor.

Proper testing assists in correct diagnosis that leads to appropriate treatment.

MSK Diagnostic Ultrasound testing can be part of your health solution!

physical therapist doing musculoskeletal ultrasound test on young woman's forearm
Diagnostic expert doing an MSK Ultrasound test on a patient's arm.

Get Ready For Your MSK Ultrasound Test…

Before the Test

Make sure that you bring with you any relevant results of other tests you have done in regards to your condition. Have available the names of medications you are taking as well as your insurance information and any referral you have received from your doctor. Do not use lotion in your arms and legs before you come for the test.

During the Test

Your Physical Therapist will explain to you the details of the testing procedures and all that it entails. You will be comfortable during the test. Make sure that you ask any questions that you may have.

After the Test

Your Physical Therapist will go over the preliminary test findings and how this may alter your physical therapy treatments. The test results will be forwarded to your physician if requested.